And now the question on everyone's mind: What did Stephanie Eat Today???

Mar 25, 2004
villianous doughnuts!

no points for me.. for a long time. i had a big mac w/no meat, a damn MILKSHAKE, and a late night stop at krispy kreme lastnight, which carried over into this morning. i feel disgusting.

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Mar 24, 2004
no good. very bad,.

Heaven's to betsy. i ate a milkshake. ahhhhhh

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I am Jack's jaw:wired shut

umm i had a frappachino thing....three bites of cottage cheese, and a bagel with veggie(can it REALLY be veggies though??? i dont think five bots of tomato and threee specs of....chives? constitutes veggie..whatever.)cream cheese. i am about to drink another frapp. and eat some ice i think.

2 points for the cottage cheese, and resisting a pumpkin bar and opting for the bagel instead.

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total doughnut breakdown

Yikes..Josh came into town last night, we all went to the hardware store(ohh fun!) and then i ate  a KRISPY KREME doughnut. all points...gone. im in the negatives now.yeep.
THEN when i got home, i totally had two tofu hottdogs AGAIN. this is becoming favorite late night snack.

p.s. note to self. i need to buy more hottdog buns.

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Mar 23, 2004
i am Jack's taste Buds..crying.

Had one little candy thing....teeny tiny so it really doesnt count.
and one more frappachino.
that's it for the day. just water from here on out.
go me.

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veggie delight delight

OOg. my tummy is full. I just ate a veggie sammich from the little health store on the corner..yumm it was really good (cream cheese, cukes, tomatos, sprouts, lettuce, some..mustard..stuff. they also give you little carrots and some chips...) but now im really full. I need some ice....yessss

Feeling good, and awarding myself 9 million points for not going to taco bell, which was the original plan.

so after the ice, i may have some cottage cheese later this afternoon, and that wraps it up for the day. no more food.

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sexy sexy italian soda

Ok so i had an English Toffee Italian soda.. oh GOD it was the best one i've ever had. If sex was Italian soda, this would be Josh Flavored....mmmm

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Weekend, monday. not so hot.

Ok...let's see if i can remember all the crap i ate this weekend....
Friday: peanut butter jelly sandwich,  taquila, rum..7-up.
OH GOD late night trip to taco bell: two cheesy gordita crunches (minues meat, no sub beans)
I think thats that for friday, SATURDAY, i had...two tofu hotdogs, ummm oh spaghetti and garlic bread, mmm....more taquila, thats all i think.
Sunday, i had....a sourdough bun w/cheese on it from Jack in the Crack, and a HORRIBLE (albiet delicious) creation from Carl's Junior....bun, cheese, onion rings, criss cut fries, ranch.. yum. the best sandwich, EVER. Felt a little sick afterwards.. ha ha. Oh and a rootbeer.

k this morning i had.....a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, and a frappachino thingy.
and ice. But...i bought some cottage cheese for lunch, so THATS good.
Plus i think i may have worked every crappy thing off with sex this weekend. Boy was THAT delicious!!!!
gonna do well, today, i PROMISE!!!

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Mar 20, 2004
nothing sandwich.

Ok so i buckled down, drank my shake at like..1030, and had a subway sandwich for lunch....(cheese, lettuce, mayo,olives..that cant be too bad, can it??)
but that's ok because i am going to drink an obscene amount of alchohol this weekend and not eat anything tonight. so there.

4 points for not going to taco bell like i WANTED to, and choosing Subway...though.. i think. it really doesnt make a difference. neither one is healthy.

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did not give into bagel tempting me last night i went to Luigi's and got their FABULOUS Mushroom that wasnt GREAT, least i didnt pork out later.
This morning i had a bowl of honey bunches of oats, and did FABULOUSLY when i got Lindsay her granita and bagel..i didnt get a thing. Cabin coffee makes the BEST bagels..and i didnt give in.
Go me. 900 points.
WIll be srinking a fabulous slim-fast shake for lunch...skipping the sensible dinner.
THank you very much, i think i look thinner today. YAY!

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